Who We Are

Longwood Village Group is a community group based at The Mechanics Hall, Longwood Gate, Longwood, Huddersfield

What we Do

The aim of the group is to provide facilities and events to improve the quality of life for the residents of Longwood and the surrounding area.

Getting Involved

If you think that you would like to get involved or if you have any questions with regard to the activities and events please contact us by e-mail at [email protected]



Where we are based

We are based at the Mechanics Hall, Longwood Gate, Longwood, Huddersfield HD3 4UU


BRILLIANT NEWS..................Thanks to generous grants and successful fundraising the Mechanics Hall has a new roof, gutters and drain pipes.

The Garfield Weston Foundation kindly awarded us a grant of £5000 towards the cost of our roof repairs.

SITA Trust kindly awarded us a grant of £16936 and

Huddersfield Common Good Trust kindly awarded us a grant of £3000

We had managed to accumulate £3317.05 in the building fund, this money was raised from special events, donations and subscriptions

This gave us enough money to undertake the work required which has now been completed.

New Central Heating Boiler for the Hall

Thanks to generous donations from St Marks' Players and the Art Group we have been able to replace the old central heating boiler with a new more powerful and more efficient unit which will hopefully help to reduce the gas bill!!!

New security system and fire alarm installed

A new CCTV security system has been installed in the Hall recently with camaras monitoring all the entrances and exits to the building.

A new fire alarm system with smoke detectors throughout the building has also been installed, and there has been an upgrade of the emergency signal system in the disabled toilet.


Thanks to a small team of dedicated volunteers the walls and ceiling of the main hall received a coat of paint between Christmas and the new year, giving the hall a bright new look for 2017
Unwanted DVDs or CDs (NOT TAPES)
Any old jigsaws (preferably with all the pieces present)
and any second hand paper back books in reasonable condition
Thank you


Longwood Village Group
Longwood Mechanics Hall Report
Longwood Gate, Longwood, Huddersfield HD3 4UU
Hall Management report for the
Longwood Village Group A.G.M. 26/5/2017
Please find attached the balance sheet for the Longwood Mechanics Hall, with special thanks to our treasurer Mr Adam Rowbottom. We fully appreciate his time and effort keeping the accounts of the Mechanics Hall in good order.
It is now 11 years since we became involved with the Mechanics Hall and we are very appreciative of the support and help that we have been given. The hall has been transformed and the improvements continue.
We should take pride in this hall, the fact that it is owned by every resident in Longwood (16764 people). As we continue to seek funding for major refurbishment it is essential that we expand the membership of the Longwood Village Group as the more members on the list, the more this helps us to gain funding for the hall.
The Longwood Mechanics Hall Management team wish to thank all supporters and volunteers for their efforts during the past Year.
Valuing Volunteers -July 2016
This was a celebration event to mark the achievements of our volunteers at the Coffee Morning
Held on 6th June. A presentation of long service awards for all our volunteers who have helped so much to transform the hall and the other work that they do.
Longwood Village Show 2016
We wish to thank everyone for their help with the Village Show and special thanks to Barney for organising this event. We had a high level of interest and entries for the show. The event now has 4 cups that may be presented each year.
The Longwood Horticulture Cup, The Longwood Handicraft Cup, The Longwood Art Cup and The Longwood Show Champion. We hope to build on the success of this show and repeat the event later this year.
Quiz Night
Our many thanks to Nigel and Lucy for running the quiz nights for the building fund.
Hall Users
The number of people hiring the hall and the number of user groups has remained steady over
the past year. Our thanks go to the St Marks Players and St Marks Juniors for their continued
contributions to the hall. The Santa’s Grotto and the show were truly wonderful. We should also
thank all our volunteers for the different groups and classes that they run.
New Groups this year
Longwood Amateur Operatic Society
Hall Licence
In 2015; we obtained the licence we need to sell Alcohol on and off the premises
Our two nominated members are Raymond Collier and Jill Morriseau Clough who both have
a current CRB check and who have passed a suitable qualification for a drinks bar person.
CRB checks are due for renewal November 2017.
Personal Licence Holders are due for renewal November 2024.
We have had only a few events with the bar open and this has already proved profitable for the
Our many thanks go to Jill and the team for running the bar.
Jill and the team have done an excellent job with the bar this year.
They have provided the service on 4 occasions and this has been much appreciated by
hirers that requested bar service. Total sales of £1046.54. The profit on this trading will be approx. £480 for the year. We do feel that having the bar licence is a major asset to the hall and helps attract private function bookings.
Due to council cutbacks, we are now to be charged for emptying the bin at the hall.
This will result in an annual charge of £250 beginning July 2017
History Project
This is ongoing and our many thanks to Keith for taking on this project. It is hoped that we will
have something ready to print in the near future.
We hope to be able to publish a commemorative booklet to mark the Hall 160th Anniversary in
Repairs and Improvements
The work on the drains is guaranteed till 2023.
Our many thanks go to the St Marks Players and the Longwood Art Society. Their generous
donations have paid for the boiler to be replaced. This is guaranteed for 7 years till 2023.
The original system had been in place for over 10 years and was now not fit for purpose. It would not meet our legal obligations. This has been replaced with a new system supplied by Intesec Ltd
Fire Alarm
The original system had been in place for over 10 years and was now not fit for purpose. It would not meet our legal obligations. This has been replaced with a new system supplied by Intesec Ltd.
Intesec will come in twice a year to check the smoke detectors are working correctly.
The fire alarm is tested weekly by Mr Ray Collier and the log sheet is kept in the Policy and
Guidance booklet on the windowsill by the radio in the main hall.
Please note that this system does not link directly to the fire station.
Disabled Toilet alarm
This has been replaced and 3 beacons have been added to the system. The beacons are in the main hall serving area, the toilet landing and in the dance studio. The beacons are a triangular shape and have a red light when operated. The system can be reset by pushing the reset button on the control panel in the disabled toilet or on the landing.
Repainting the Hall
Our many thanks go to the volunteers who came in during the Christmas Holidays. Repainting
the Main Hall and touching up paintwork in other areas. Many thanks to all.
We are working on a steady program of changing the light fittings at the hall to L.E.D. when they need replacing. This will assist in keeping the running costs down.
A joiner has been booked to come and do repairs to the double fire doors at the bottom of the
steps by the gent’s toilet and to the lower back door leading out to the bowling green.
We have also spent some time clearing and sorting out the cottage store rooms
St Marks Players
We wish to thank St Marks Players for their continuous ongoing support at the hall. The quality of the shows is always excellent and very well supported by the community. A donation was made towards the purchase of a replacement heating system, Thank you.
Ground Rent
The annual ground rent for the hall is £4 per year. The lease holders have offered to sell us the
freehold for the hall for £3000 to include all legal fees. The committee feel that we should take up this option to purchase the freehold when funds allow.
AT Graphics Halifax
AT Graphics, based in Halifax look after and maintain our website for free. Thank You
The Big Plan
At a meeting held in 2014 a vision for the future of the Hall was presented to the Longwood
Village Group, The Longwood Allotment Association and local councillors.
We received positive feedback from the Longwood Village Group and the Longwood Allotment
Association to explore this project should the need arise in the future.
The Building fund
This fund was started to put funds on one side for any major structural repairs or possible
purchase of land in the future (possibly the allotments). Members and supporters donate by
standing order to the fund and this is greatly appreciated.
This has now been running for a couple of years, we will be looking at promoting this scheme
over the next twelve months to help strengthen this fund for the future.
If you are interested in joining the contribution start from £1 per month please ask for details.
Hall Hire Fees
We last revised the hire fees for the hall in Sept 2014. One of the reasons we have so many user
groups and activities at the hall is because of the reasonable hire fees that we charge. We feel
that a minimal price increase to all user groups is necessary for us to help keep pace with our
increasing ongoing costs. These will apply from September 2017
We feel that we should recognise people who have made significant contributions or achievements for the hall on a regular basis.
Please feel free to nominate anyone who you feel should receive a certificate of
Nominations for this year are:
First Year Committee
Certificate of Appreciation
Rodney Hirst painting at the hall
Pam Sellers painting at the hall
Les Hall painting at the hall
Outstanding Service
Forthcoming Events
Quiz Evening
Longwood Live
Year Overview
Over the past eighteen months we have made major improvements to the hall.
The roof has been turned and re felted; the gables rebuilt and new guttering fitted
The boiler has been replaced and new CCTV system installed. The fire alarm has been fully
replaced and now meets all the latest standards. The main hall has been re decorated and more painting is going on throughout the hall. The bowling green has been regularly maintained and this has been a major improvement. Some of the regular fundraising events we have held in thepast, we have not been able to do this year due to our other own personal commitments.
The year ahead.
A joiner has been booked to see to repairs to the fire doors at the bottom of the stairs and out to the allotments. A quote has been obtained for replacing the gent’s urinal and for a new burglaralarm. We are also  looking in to replacing both the hall window curtains and stage curtains.
The windows and frames need replacing in the staircase, these will have clear glass to take
advantage of the view across the valley. We will see what the hall finances enable us to do.
Alison and myself have done most of the general cleaning at the hall over the past 11 years. We have hopefully kept the hall to a reasonable standard. Due to our own change in family
circumstances we are struggling to do as much as we would like to do at the hall.
We would like to hear from anyone who would be able to help with this cleaning for a couple of
hours a week. If no volunteer is forthcoming we will ask the committee to consider the possibility of us employing a cleaner.
2018 will be the 160th Anniversary of the hall originally built in 1858.
We plan to repeat the history event of the hall at the October Coffee morning.
A celebration event is arranged for the 20th October 2018
This will be a ticket only event and will be on a first come first served basis. Tickets will be available In the near future
Time goes by so quickly and now two years have elapsed since we last applied for funding. We will soon o be able to apply for funding to help us repair the cottages. This is another major plan and we will require additional funding support to bring this part of the building back into full use.
We should take pride in all our volunteers, building fund supporters and all our grant donors for
the support they have given to the hall and the roof fund.
It is their support that has made all this possible.
Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You for Your Support.
The end
Alison and Derek Fairbank, Hall Managers Tel 01484 311303, or email
[email protected]